Agnarr Selling 60 Troll Shaman on Agnarr


Jul 5, 2015
Rating - 100%
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60 Troll Shaman - SOLD
-improved healing 3 item
-burning affliction 3 item
-mana preservation 3 item
-fungus tunic(pre-nerf)
-fungi staff(pre-nerf)
-DE clicky mask(pre-nerf)
-clicky SOW boots
-250ish alchemy
-40slot 100% reduction bag
-4 other weight reduction bags
-all spells minus ancient and torpor

-Only activated via Krono. CC never used.

Shaman has maxed relevant combat skills up to current level. Few AAs as the character hasn't been played much since Luclin.

PM me on here. Only accepting Paypal Friend/Family. Account was created by me at Agnarr launch and played exclusively by me. I have and will supply all security related information to buyer to secure your ownership of account.
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