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Feb 10, 2017
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Yes, I'm the original creator.
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I am currently selling 6, personally leveled, Rizlona level 50's. I can sell them separately or as a group, it's up to you. All of them have AC Ring for Jboots. All of them have no info sq sms or cc set. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

50 Dark Elf Shadow Knight & 37 Wood Elf Warrior $100
2 x 40 slot bags, Jboots, Umbral Arms, Umbral Boots, Granite Bracer, Short Sword of the Ykesha, Chitin Shell Shield, x4 Bottle of Adv II
All vendor tomes
37 Warrior is naked (no AC Ring)
No more game time remaining
This account is the only one with a verified email, but you will be given that with the purchase.

50 Dark Elf Magician & 50 Barbarian Shaman $100

All relevant spells
AC Ring (Jboots), Shining Metallic Robes, Loam Encrusted Cap, Stein of Moggok, Cryosilk Sleeves, +4 INT rings
50 Shaman has all relevant spells but is naked (no AC Ring)

50 Erudin Wizard $70
All relevant spells
AC Ring (Jboots), otherwise naked

50 Human Monk $85
All vendor tomes
AC Ring (Jboots), Guise of the Deceiver, Mudman Enforcer, Full set of Wu's

50 Dark Elf Enchanter $70
All relevant spells
AC Ring (Jboots), Robe of the Ishva, Loam Encrusted Amice

50 Dark Elf Cleric $70
All relevant spells
Has AC Ring for Jboots, Full Fine Steel Armor, +6 Wis rings.
Refund Policy
No refund after delivery
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