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Items Rizlona Rizlona - Vex Thal Raid Drops!, High End Loot, Keys, Tradeable Items, and Power Levels (2 Viewers)


Oct 6, 2017
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Hello! Service and Item prices listed below! Thanks! We clear all Luclin content multiple times per week, Velious is less of a focus but we do sell bulk runs there.

Power Leveling (50% discount on price on 2 or more chars)
1-33 3kr (24hrs turn around)
33-50 3kr (48hrs turn around)
50-60 6kr (48hrs turn aound)
AA 1kr per 5

Raid Loots (No Drop)

Luclin (NoDrop PreOrders)


Loot as your go - 30kr (booking first run next week, Feb 22nd - 25th depending on availability,
  1. Pay 30kr up front and get to loot 20 items.
  2. Once you have 20 items you can purchase additional items throughout the run for KR or USD, we price VT drops between 1-15kr depend on quality of the item
  3. AHR Loot is excluded from the 20 items but you will get first shot at purchasing and drops you want (AHR gear goes for 5-20kr depending on the item)
All VT drops are available individually as well via OW kills, price ranges from 3kr to 10kr for items not from AHR
AHR loot prices range from 10kr to 20kr

BloodFrenzy - 30kr
Fangs of Vyzh'dra - 20kr
Khalshazar - 20kr
Goldenrod - 15kr
Shield of Ssraeshza - 15kr
Emp SSRA loot on request (most items are 10-20kr)
Other SSRA drops from 1-5kr on request

Akheva Ruins
Fist of Acrylia - 10kr
Fist of Glowing Acrylia - 7kr
Other AR drops from 1-5kr on request

The Deep
Ancient Borrower Hide Tunic - 8kr
Bile Drenched Flesh Robe - 8kr
Shared of Unfathomable Depths - 5kr
Other Deep drops from 1-5kr on request

Emperor SSRA Key - 3kr
VT Key - 5kr (full key)
Planar Rift (VT Key part from Emp) - 2kr

NoDrop Items (we take a pre-orders then coordinate our kill time for you to tag along to loot)

Vulak Loots - 8
kr-15kr per item (depending on quality, inquire for details)
Full NTOV Run - 10kr (you get all drops, minus vulak)
Full Kael Run - 10kr (you get all drops)
Tunare Loots - 6-10kr per item(depending on quality, inquire for details)

Tradeable Items(Items Listed are IN STOCK and can be parceled immediately!)
Blade of Carnage
- 8kr or 80 USD
Helmet of Rallos Zek - 3kr or 30 USD
Boots of the Storm - 3kr or 30 USD
Flayed Barbarian Skin Mask - 4kr or 40 USD
Flayed Barbarian Skin Leggings - 4kr or 40 USD
Horn of Hsagra - 1kr or 10USD
Cowl of Mortality - 2kr or 20 USD
Refund Policy
🛎️ always
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Oct 13, 2014
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Looking for Shield of Stalwart Seas if you've got one sitting around.


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Jul 24, 2020
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Took good care of my character while keeping me informed. Highly recommend his services, Was willing to make a deal for an epic and levels on a weekend, finished a day ahead of time. Very fast and great on communication


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Nov 14, 2020
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have 2 i can park 33 and 35. to 60. send tell

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