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Service Rizlona Rizlona Services: WTS 46-70 Powerleveling, AA, Progression. 2.0s, ANGUISH, MPG, TACVI (1 Viewer)


Aug 26, 2016
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I am offering the power leveling, AA, raid gear, and progression on Rizlona. All services are performed with me at my computer, usually between 8am and midnight CST. No overnight sessions, unattended gameplay, or active hacks are used for these services. I can either log in to your account to perform the services or you can play your own account.

46-70 -$100 (10kr), estimated time is 48 hours

$0.50 per AA with bulk discounts above 50 and 100AA. You can expect at least 100AA per day without potions.

Hourly Powerleveling:
1kr ($10) per 2 hours or 5kr ($50) per 12 hours. You can expect 10AA per hour.

Epic 1.5s and 2.0s
Negotiable by class, contact me for details.

2.0 Orbs
25kr or $250 each. Must have signets completed, pie included if needed.

Full clear minus OMM. Includes 3x 2.0 orbs and aug drops. Signets must be completed. 100kr or $1000.

Individual pieces and bosses are available. Contact me for details.

MPG Raids
All trials + loot: $300 (30kr)

Full clear all loot (approximately 26 pieces): 50kr or $500

Full clear including Zun, all loot, approx 17 pieces: 20kr ($200)

Full clear, all loot (8 pieces) and flags. 1 loot can be guaranteed to drop. 10kr ($100)

Qvic Flags:
2 groups (12 characters) taken through Uqua and Ikkinz 4.
Without Loot: 10kr or $100 (5kr each raid)
With Loot: 20kr or $200(10kr each raid)

Plane of Time:
Full Clear, all loot, approximately 45 pieces: 25kr ($250)

Payment methods:
Paypal is available in some cases as only 1 member of our team has a Paypal account. Please contact me for details.
Bank of America account transfers
Wire transfers

Looking for something not listed here? Contact me and we can work something out!
Refund Policy
🛎️ Once the services are rendered, there are no refunds. Full refund available if services have not begun.
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