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Service Rizlona Rizlona PL Service - 1-50!!! (1 Viewer)


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Dec 1, 2014
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Buyer Requirements
Buyers must have premium accounts with 3 months or greater tenure. Prefer verified and/or repped users.
Offering PL service 1-50 or other ranges listed below. Leveling is done 100% by hand at keyboard by yours truly with absolutely no AFK! I can do single toons or whole groups. 1-50 service is currently taking around 7 days depending on my personal schedule and includes all vendor bought spells/tomes, a good amount of skill work completed (i.e. feign death on monks, casters casting skills, etc.). I will require access to your account and will have your character in /anon the entire time unless otherwise agreed upon. This will allow you to create YOUR OWN CHARACTER on YOUR OWN ACCOUNT, password, SQA, etc. and know that it will always be 100% SECURE!

1-50 $145 (12 krono)
1-40 $95 (8 krono)
1-30 $50 (4 krono)

Discounts available if you reserve more than one spot.

Next available start date 7/8.

Currently accepting Krono (preferred) Paypal (F&F only) or venmo. Please contact me for any custom request not listed or if you have any questions.
Refund Policy
100% if not as described
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