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Accounts Rizlona Rizlona CHEAP Level 40s - $25 each OR 2 Krono: Enchanter / Mages - Gear +JBoots Rings (1 Viewer)


Dec 31, 2015
Rating - 100%
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Enchanter, Mage
Yes, I'm the original creator.
Total Past Users
Just me!
I will give buyer access to the original email account
No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
Credit Card
No credit card has ever been used on the account.
Secret Question/Answer
No secret question has been set.
Buyer Requirements
Preferably Verified buyers, in good standing, must have positive feedback.
I am the original owner of these accounts, each was activated with Krono, and I will provide access to the e-mail address account associated with them.
No Security Question has been set.
None of the accounts currently have play time remaining.

40 Gnome Enchanter - $25 or 2 Krono
2,000+ Plat
Embroidered Black Cape
Robe of the Ishva

Splitpaw Tooth Necklace
Mystic Doll
8 Slot 65% Weight Reduction Bag (Light Burlap Sack)

40 Mage #1 - $25 or 2 Krono
Ring of the Ancients
(JBoots Ring)
Embroidered Black Sleeves
Robe of the Keeper
Guise of the Deceiver (Dark Elf Illusion Clicky)
Level 41 Water Pet spell in bags (will carry you until next tier of pets at 46-also in his bags)
Also has all important spells from here to 50 already purchased and ready to be learned.

40 Mage #2 - $25 or 2 Krono
Ring of the Ancients
(JBoots Ring)
Level 41 Water Pet / Spells up to 50

40 Mage #3 - $25 or 2 Krono
Level 41 Water Pet / Spells up to 50

Big Discounts for the whole group - $75 for everyone or 7 Krono

I no longer have time to play so will not be picking these guys back up.

40 Wood Elf Druid - $50 SOLD
Crested Mistmoore Shield
Bracers of Erollisi
Splitpaw Tooth Necklace
20 slot 100% weight reduction bag

40 Mage #4 - $25 SOLD
Level 41 Water Pet / Spells up to 50
This account has the SQA set, which will be provided.
Refund Policy
Contact me with any questions. Sale is final once account info has been transferred
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