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Accounts Firiona Vie **PRICE LOWERED** WTS CLR/BER/MNK 115, Max AA, Full T3 CoV w/ Melee Raid Weapons, TBL Complete - 10 KR ($120) per account (1 Viewer)


Sep 27, 2016
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Looking to sell 3x FV Accounts fully loaded, details below:

115 High Elf CLR - Max XP/AA - CoVT3 Gear

115 Barbarian BER - Max XP/AA - CoVT3 Gear - Raid Weapon

115 Human MNK - Max XP/AA - CoVT3 Gear - Raid Weapon

All expansions purchased, hero forge unlocked, and epic 2.0 ornaments done on all accounts. TBL prog is done, missions done on ToV/CoV, some merc/partisan done on ToV, hero's AAs reflect that progression, no evolving gear. All gear is CoV T3 with Type 7s and type 5s about 90% complete. (Dex or Wis depending on class). Let me know if any other details requested.

Looking for 10 Krono (or $120 PayPal F&F) per account, (discount for taking all)
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๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ No refund once account details passed
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