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Accounts Aradune ***Price Drop***WTS 65 Monk 437 AA Fully PoTime Flagged DPS Machine (1 Viewer)


Jul 15, 2018
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Selling a 65 Iksar Monk on Aradune, I will include the email and secret question with purchase. Looking for 200$ USD or 20kr I am the second owner of this account, and have owned it now for over 1 year. Is fully ele flagged/time flagged(Maxed PoP charm) 56 LDoN's completed for Adventurer's Stone with quite a few HP/Proc augs. Account was refreshed with Krono on 9/28/2021 and has always been paid with krono. 7.6k HP Unbuffed. 437 AA, Has all the important DPS/Defensive/Utility AA's. Illusions: Veil of Flames (Fire Ele/perma clicky DS), Guise of the Deceiver (Dark ElF) Also has Pegasus Cloak (Levi click) / Wand of Imperceptibility (Shrink click) / Worker Sledgehammer (Overthere port proc) Has Veil of the Inferno (Form of Endurance II click) 180 HP / Epic 1.0, and parts of the 1.5/2.0 pre-omens Has 20/16 slot bags and the lions mounts(Mount Blessing Azia 250 hp/mana 25SV all, and 9AC) Overall, the monk is a DPS machine. He's currently using Staff of Transcendence, and is way over the worn attack cap(250). For truly interested buyers I will include the magelo. The monk was ranked in the top 10 on Aradune's rankings on magelo. Most of his gear is time, with a few pieces of elemental, and 1-2 pieces of VT pieces snuck in for atk/abilities. I will hop on voice chat for any questions/concerns to put your purchase at ease, DM me for any other information!
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