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Krono Organic, sustainable Krono. $12 single (OUT OF STOCK) (1 Viewer)


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Feb 9, 2015
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Cost per amount?
💰 PM me for Bulk
Buyer Requirements
📌 Paypal Freinds and Family only.

================= OUT OF STOCK FOR NOW! =================
================= OUT OF STOCK FOR NOW! =================
================= OUT OF STOCK FOR NOW! =================
================= OUT OF STOCK FOR NOW! =================

================= OUT OF STOCK FOR NOW! =================

YES! a Single Krono can Poof Years spent on your Toon!

READ our FAQ Below!
CLEAN Krono's to ALL SERVERS, Fast Delivery.
Paypal Friends and Family ONLY.

$12 Each.

Check out my history! ;)


Q1: Will your Krono get me in trouble or maybe suspended or banned?

A1: Absolutely Not! We do not engage in any RMT or any other suspesious activities. All our kronos are legitamately bought from players in auctions or bazaar using PLAT ONLY!.

Q2: Why do you keep a high price on your Krono, kinda above market price?

A2: Considering the hardship taken to bring you this Risk-Free krono along with the excellent service, protection and delivery, we think we are ahead of the rest in terms of price well earned.

Q3: Do you offer bulk prices?

A3: Sure, send us a PM to discuss it.

Q4: How can we trust you with Friends and Family Paypal payment? once it's gone......well, it's gone. :)

A4: Like any reasonable person, we would be extra careful when we attempt this kind of payment. However, if you research our reputation in this forum you can be rest assured and %100 secured.

Q5: What if you don't deliver instantly as you claim?

A5: Once we reach an agreement via PM discussion, you get your payload max 15minutes once paypal payment received.

Q6: And if you exceed that 15minutes period? hmmmm?

A6: You get an extra Krono. This is a true story happened to one of our customers who instantly sent the cash before any PM discussion, can't blame him as we shine in trust and service. ;)

Q7: What do you mean exactly by "Full Remedy"?

A7: If you are not happy whatsoever with the delivered kronos and needed a full refund, you gonna get it but comes with simple conditions. PM for more details.

Our History

UPDATE: Kronos in Stock on 20th of Nov 2020
Refund Policy
🛎️ Full Remedy, with simple conditions
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Nov 20, 2020
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I would like to buy 7

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