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Discussion in 'EverQuest Krono' started by testtube, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. testtube

    testtube Member
    Verified Premium

    Rating - 100%
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    May 9, 2014
    Cost per amount?:
    9.50$ Each.
    Refund Policy:
    No refunds once transaction is completed.

    Kronos for sale. ANY server. No Minimum Purchase!
    Please read the following message in its entirety!

    Quantity Left: 10+ (This could mean anywhere from 10 to infinity. I have a personal reason for never saying more than 10). PM me to find out how many I really have if you want more than 10.

    If you are interested, do not reply to this thread. PM me.

    90% of responses will be within 5-15 minutes, but please allow up to 30min for a response in rare occasions.

    I accept PayPal "Friends and Family" ONLY. Any other type of payment will be instantly refunded.

    Make sure to check the thread's TITLE to confirm whether or not I am currently online or offline. I update it every time I make the swap.

    ***DO NOT*** PayPal me any money if you are returning customer and already know my PayPal address BEFORE I indicate that I am ready to deliver to you through PMs.

    ***ALSO DO NOT***
    PayPal me if — after being told to send the money — 45 minutes has gone by. Once 45 minutes has gone by, ask me once again if sending the money is okay and then same as above, wait until I re-send my PayPal address.

    ^If you do not follow by these set of rules, I may assume that you've changed your mind and it may take me up to 24 hours to either refund your money, or send you the Kronos you ordered.

    That said...

    Thank you for considering!