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New Accounts + Power Leveling (1 Viewer)

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Jan 10, 2017
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1-40 New Accounts or PL
You Choose
You Choose
Yes, I'm the original creator.
I will tell buyer the original email address
No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
Credit Card
No credit card has ever been used on the account.
Secret Question/Answer
No secret question has been set.

Brand new accounts available on Mangler server. I am the original Creator of all my New accounts.

All accounts are Krono activated with no SQ&A set / No CC ever used / I will give original email address / No Phone Number Linked. They are ready for you to make your own unless otherwise listed.


PayPal Friends & Family (Preferred)
In game Krono

Characters are ready on New Accounts unless otherwise posted.

40 Dark Elf Wizard (Female)=SOLD

40 Dark Elf Mage (Male)=SOLD

Dark Elf Necromancer=In progress

Below is an Account that is not brand new. Looking to sell or trade Krono for it. PM for any questions.

LV 50 Female Barbarian Shaman $175 or 18 Krono

Ear 1 Jasper Gold Earring
Ear 2 Jasper Gold Earring
Head Withered Leather Skullcap
Neck Chrysoberyl Talisman
Chest Rune Etched Chestplate
Arms Withered Leather Sleeves
Waist Withered Leather Belt
Hands Withered Leater Gloves
Legs Rune Etched Greaves
Feet Golden Efreeti Boots
Finger 1 Platinum Jasper Ring
Finger 2 Platinum Jasper Ring
Weapon Platinum Dragon Totem
Off-Hand Spitestone Shield
Face Platinum Ruby Veil
Back Withered Leather Cloak
Shoulders Withered Leather Shoulderpads
Wrist 1 Rune Etched Bracer
Wrist 2 Rune Etched Bracer

Iksar Shaman Hate Gear

Scaled Hierophant Boots
Scaled Hierophant Vambraces
Scaled Hierophant Breastplate
Scaled Hierophant Cloak
Scaled Hierophant Helm
Scaled Hierophant Bracer
Scaled Hierophant Gauntlets

Additional Items

Pre-Nerfed Guise of Deceiver
EQ Anniversary Package including (2 20-slot 50wt Reduction bags, 1 40-slot 100wt reduction bags, 3 bottle of adventure II, 1 Bottle of speed, 3 Tokens of Challenged Ressurection)
Fully Sky Keyed
Bixie Essence for PoS Shaman FD Ring
244 Alchemy skill
Other casting skills raised as well

Additional Account items

EQ2 Lv 110 Necromancer with epic 2
EQ2 lv 50 Necromancer on Kaladim Server (Character Naked)

SQ&A has been Set can give the buyer that as well as original Email used. A CC has been used on this account before. PST if interested thanks!
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