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Jul 21, 2020
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Hello, I have 7 115 toons with high AA vellum enhanced weapons and 5 110 toons with good AA that I used as needed but kept them free except to level up AA. Paypal FnF only please.

$100 115 rogue 38592AA both weapons velium enhanced 11/19 velium infused 8/19 snowbound or better

$ 100 115 monk 35120AA velium enhanced weapon rest is TOV group gear

$ 100 115 zerker 29813AA Velium enhanced weapon rest TOV group gear.

$100 115 Beast lord 30952AA ascending sun weapon, EM 27 earing premium TOV

$100 115 Cleric 38351 AA almost max. velium enhanced weapon and shield. Rest TOV group gear

$175 115 SK 42894 AA, roughly 365,000 HP. Buffed 1 velium enhanced weapon 1 velium enhanced shield. ascending sun 2 hander and bow. All visible Ascending sun armor. Rest velium infused. Almost all Augs. Premium TOF

$100 115 Bard max AA 2 ascending sun weapons. rest TOV group gear

All the 110s are $50 each
110 mage 27804 AA EM 21 earing. rest tov group gear.
110 shaman 30253 AA TOV group gear.
110 zerker 21643 AA tov gear
110 ranger 30014 AA tov gear with dex augs if you want to sub him.
110 wizard 23519 AA TOV group gear.
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