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Accounts Mangler Mangler - Necromancer Lvl 50 - All DBC Bags - Geared - 3k Mana Unbuffed, POSky - $250

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts' started by smartmove, May 15, 2019 at 6:26 PM.

  1. smartmove

    smartmove Active Member
    Verified Premium

    Rating - 100%
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    Jul 7, 2018
    Yes, I'm the original creator.
    I will tell buyer the original email address
    No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
    Credit Card:
    No credit card has ever been used on the account.
    Secret Question/Answer:
    Yes, and I can supply the answer.
    Refund Policy:
    If not as described, but it is as described

    Fantastic Level 50 Necromancer on Mangler - $250 somewhat firm

    I have a couple extra accounts, and I am looking to get rid of one of my Necromancers. This Necro was originally to be used as a mule Necro and I ended up leveling it and having some fun. It has been hand leveled and played for some time, over 30% into level 50.

    This character has over $175 worth of DGC Bags! Sizeable Satchel, Muhbis of the Expansive Void, 2x Sensible Satchel, 4x Antonican Traveler's Rucksack

    3 XP Pots ready to go for Kunark

    Almost 3,000 mana unbuffed (over 2900), 231 INT

    J-boots instant clicky

    Keyed up through island 5, just need to hand in the Noise Maker and Dull Dragon Scale for more keys in Sky

    Has the following gear:
    - Ears: 2x Golden Sapphire Earring
    - Loam Encrusted Cap
    - Loam Encrusted Veil
    - Loam Encrusted Robe
    - Neck: Petrified Erudite Heart Amulet
    - Molten Cloak
    - Loam Encrusted Amice
    - Golden Chitin Bracer
    - Bracelet of Cessation from PoSky
    - Golden Efreeti Boots
    - Fingers: 2x Rose Platinum Engagement Ring
    - Loam Encrusted Gloves
    - Loam Encrusted Pantaloons
    - Braided Cinch Cord
    - Loam Encrusted Sleeves
    - Range: Dagger of Marnek
    - Stein of Moggok
    - Tome of Miragul

    This character has all spells, some goodies in the bank, and an Adoptable Defective Cleaner familiar that is yet to be claimed.
  2. smartmove

    smartmove Active Member
    Verified Premium

    Rating - 100%
    13   0   0

    Jul 7, 2018