Firiona Vie Main account 7 level 110's


Jun 15, 2017
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There is 7 Level 110's

1. 110 Pally with 176k Hp buffed. Has 18k+ AA's. Has almost all tier 2 Group Eok armor. A few Eok Rares. Eok raid 1 Hander.

2.110 Bard. His gear is from all Expansions. Has 105k hp unbuffed 14k AA's

3. 110 Wizzard. His gear is mixed. Has 83k hp, Mana 78k. 10k AA's. This guy was more less Power Leveled.

4. 100 Cleric. Has tier 1 Eok Group. Mix of ROS and EOK gear. 150k Hp, 123k Mana. Has 14k AA's. Has 1. and 2.0 Epic Done.

5. 110 Sk. No gear and just auto granted AA's. Power Leveled.

6. 110 Necro. Has very little gear. Has 12k AA's

7. 110 Ranger. Has tier 2 EOK Armor. 125k hp and 18k AA's.

They can not be transferred. There was a Credit card on File and I give you the last for numbers.. $150

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