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Accounts Rizlona Luclin is here! Hand leveled level 60s! 50+ UNSPENT AA! Mostly Umbral Plains gear. Skills/spells ready to play! (2 Viewers)


Jun 15, 2020
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Hand leveled, single owner, created with Krono, all USA accounts! These were not AFK power leveled Characters. They were never left unattended! With skills and (vender) spells / discs to match. Ready to pick up and play right away!
The AA on the red accounts is unspent! Spend your new character's AA and set them up however you would like to play them!

Red accounts have 50+AA. Active till: 2/25/21. $130 Each.
(Reds also have AC and Deep lucid shards)
Level 60 Wood Elf Druid:
Rod of Virtue , Elysian Tunic , Elysian Bracelet x2, Elysian Crown , Elysian Gloves , Elysian Leggings , Elysian Boots , Elysian Armplates , Girdle of Flayed Iksar , Mantle of Distraction , Spider Fur Cloak , Cracked Amulet , Forest Loop , Earring of Madness ,Tattered Flesh Veil , Ring of Lunacy , Di`Zok Begirding. 53 banked AA

Level 60 Human Rogue:
Shadow Heart , Mithril Edged Short Sword , Dark Assassin Chestplate , Dark Assassin Bracer x1, Mrylokar's Bracer x1, Dark Assassin Gauntlets , Dark Assassin Greaves , Dark Assassin Vambraces , Shimmering Terror Hide Boots , Mantle of Distraction , Nightmarish Girdle (HASTE), Shimmering Terror Hide Cloak , Spider Fur Collar , Diamondine Earring , Earring of Grachnist , Fire Emerald Velium Ring , Ring of Chaos 262 lockpick, max disarm traps! 53 banked AA

Level 60 Human Rogue: Flaming Dirk , Xiox's Stinging Tentacle , Dark Assassin Chestplate, Mrylokar's Bracer x1, Imperial Wardog Collar , Crystal Chitin Armplates , Dark Assassin Greaves , Dark Assassin Boots , Gauntlets of Dementia , Mantle of Distraction , Nightmarish Girdle (HASTE), Shimmering Terror Hide Cloak , Spider Fur Collar , Wolf Fang Earring x2, Tribal War Mask , Netted Kelp Cap , Ring of Chaos , Platinum Fire Wedding Ring 262 lockpick, max disarm traps! 53 banked AA

Level 60 Troll Shaman: Pebble Crusher , Skull Marked Shield , Slime Coated Harpoon , Froglok Scale Chestplate ,Ring of Lunacy , Platinum Jasper Ring , Nathsar Leggings , Nathsar Gauntlets , Tribal War Boots , Withered Leather Wristbands , Worked Dragonhorn Bracers , Girdle of Flayed Iksar , Chokidai Hide Spaulders , Crystal Chitin Armplates , Shimmering Terror Hide Cloak , Ivory Imbued Collar , Earring of Madness , Earring of Cleansing/Earring of Purity (CURE CLICKIES), Arctic Wyvern Mask , Iksar Hide Cap 53 banked AA
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