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Accounts Firiona Vie It's the little things that count. Level 110 FTP clean accounts for sale $50 each on FV NEW UPDATE! (1 Viewer)


Jan 22, 2020
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A long time ago I purchased a couple of accounts and while happy with them, there were a few little things I wish were different. When you buy something, wouldn't it be nice to get a little extra for your money? That's how I handle the toons I'm selling. You shouldn't have to do a lot of work to get started on your new toon. After all, the whole reason to buy a toon instead of leveling one is to save all of that time. I got you!
Here are the extras on all toons:

80% WR bags in all 10 character slots
10 slot giant capacity containers (tool boxes) in all bank slots
All spells/tomes have been purchased up to ROS
All relevant skills are already maxed.
I even maxed out swimming!
Max exp into level, meaning 1 kill from level 111
Every slot guaranteed to have TOV T1 gear. I see some people selling toons with conflagrant, or a few slots not having TOV T1. Mine are full TOV T1, including both ears and fingers!
100k plat so your new character doesn't start out totally broke.
NEW! All languages are maxed. This is helpful on FV, as there is no standard (Elvish is the used language) and many people forget to use Elvish.
NEW! All toons now come with one stack each of the following potions: Invis, IVU, shrink, gate, and levi.

I don't charge any extra for gear or getting skills up as some sellers do. Your character will be ready to jump into combat as soon as you log in, as it should be.
I have no doubt you'll agree this is exactly what you're looking for. But how much is it going to cost??

$50 on Paypal FNF, OR
5 krono on FV, OR
15.5 million plat on FV

Really. That's not a typo.

NEW DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE! Thinking of building a team and need more than one toon? I'm doing 10% discounts for multiple toons.

Available now 110 mage Everything is clean, though I did confirm the email as I thought I was keeping this one. I have that info for you. SOLD
Available now 110 Mage Totally clean, no info at all set. SOLD
Available now 110 Mage Totally clean, no info at all set.
Available now 110 Zerk Totally clean, no info at all set.
Available now 110 Rogue Totally clean
Available now 110 Bard Totally clean
Available now 110 Ranger Totally Clean
Available now 110 Shadow Knight Totally Clean SOLD
Available now 110 Wizard Totally Clean
Available now 110 Warrior Totally Clean
Available now Also have a 110 BST with 24687 AA and an available heroic upgrade. The secret question is set on this one as I thought I'd be keeping it, but I have the answer of course. No CC was ever used. I'm willing to sell this one for $80

Contact me with questions or requests.
Refund Policy
None after delivery of toon completed
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Sep 17, 2020
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Great service. Fast and easy. See you again soon.


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Oct 11, 2020
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I also had a very good experience. A++ can recommand. Even took the time for my noob questions.

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