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Oct 15, 2004
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Post: Plat - WTS BLUE 99 PLAT @ 1.50/1k
Infraction: Creating similar thread without waiting 7 days.
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Creating similar thread without waiting 7 days.

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Creating similar thread without waiting 7 days.

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Hello friends, My time on Project 99 must come to an end and I'd like to get something out of all the time I put into this game :). It was alotttt. :p Thats the only way to play EQ it seems tho!

So now I'll be selling all of my Project1999 Blue platinum @ 1.50/1k.

I currently have in STOCK: 215k Blue, Fungi x1

I'm in the process now of selling more small items and transfering more plat from Red99 to Blue99.

I'd love to get some buyers here to prove my legitimacy and get some positive feedback so I'm willing to do transactions as low as 20k for $30 paypal!

My paypal account is verified and i've done previous transactions for things like Poker and making purchases online that I can give for references to start.

Payments I take: Paypal gift & Western Union!

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