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Infraction for p99platsale: Made a 2nd account without permission (1 Viewer)


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Oct 15, 2004
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Post: Character - WTS: Level 60 EPIC chars (monk, enc, sham)
User: p99platsale
Infraction: Made a 2nd account without permission
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Made a 2nd account without permission "unfairsuspension"

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Made a 2nd account without permission "unfairsuspension"

Original Post:
I am selling 3 level 60 epic characters ALL ON p99 BLUE.


Troll Shaman BUYOUT: 600 USD
- Full spell book
- 2 sky quested items
- 2 planar pieces
- instant sow boots
- almost capped alchemy (can make any potions)
- snare necklace
- torch of alna
- seb+hs key
- ot hammer

Iksar Monk BUYOUT: 800 USD / 800k blue plat CURRENT OFFER 500 USD + t-staff
- VP key, Seb key, HS key.
- VP no-drop item
- crescent / shiverback hide (almost full)
- 2 sky quested items
- jboots / lev cloak / ot hammer
- resist gear

Enchanter BUYOUT: 1000 USD / 1 mil blue plat
- Firepot bound
- VP key, Seb key, HS key
- jboots / lev cloak / ot hammer
- almost full planar (have halo!)
- 2 sky quested items
- full spell book
- sky droppables (bracelet, white satin gloves)

All 3 chars have their epics.

Taking CASH or P99 BLUE PLAT offers. Cash payable ONLY by Western Union (or paypal, if you have vouches + a history of trading on any major trading forum) PM or email me @ [email protected], or add me on AIM @ [email protected]

my reputation can be seen in my wts plat / items thread, I have 100% delivery rate from many satisfied customers. WILL DELIVER!: http://www.redguides.com/forums/sho...BCG-Puppet-Strings-MORE!)?p=205038#post205038

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