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Infraction for hotsizzle: Scammer (1 Viewer)


Stay Awhile & Listen
Jan 1, 2014
Rating - 100%
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Post: Project 1999 - Potential Scammer - hotsizzle
User: hotsizzle
Infraction: Scammer
Points: 1000

Administrative Note:
Suspension for Account Sharing

Message to User:
Admitted to account sharing for use in the Bazaar section. This violates the forum rules and compromises the feedback system and community.

For future reference, have your friend create their own account.

Original Post:
7:41:51 PM] My Real Name: Listen. I really don't want to spend anymore time until i get verification
[7:42:22 PM] My Real Name: can you explain this?
[7:44:24 PM] sonny: You're confusing the hell out of me
[7:44:28 PM] sonny: Let me scroll up
[7:44:58 PM] sonny: This is hotsizzle from redguides..I pmed you earlier this afternoon
[7:46:40 PM] sonny: Are you referring to a username called hotsizzlep99?
[7:58:11 PM] sonny: I just emailed you back
[7:58:52 PM] My Real Name: i see
[7:58:52 PM] sonny: Oh I just saw your attachment
[7:58:56 PM] My Real Name: yeah i got the email
[7:59:07 PM] sonny: I let my friend use my acct to sell his character
[8:01:01 PM] sonny: Yea sorry I was confused.

That was the conversation. Now, I am just curious, why have to let another "buddy" use your account when RedGuides lets you easily establish an account on your own? Anyway. You be the judge, but the latest post from this user handle was
Next time your'e going to wrongly accuse someone and publicize something like this...do a better job.

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