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Infraction for BasementDwellerExtraordinaire: Posting information elsewhere (1 Viewer)


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Jan 1, 2014
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Post: Project 1999 - WTB 46+ Tank
User: BasementDwellerExtraordinaire
Infraction: Posting information elsewhere
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:
BasementDwellerExtraordinaire said:
I'm just writing because I was informed that you sold a cleric account with a toon by the name of XXXXXXXXXX to Seikko, he in turn sold it to me and it was shortly banned thereafter. I find now that it has been reclaimed via email as well. I'm turning over all my pm's and and info to the gms of project 1999 to make sure any other accounts associated with that one are banned as well.
This guy is an idiot.

Original Post:
I'm looking to pick up a 46+ tank. Must have EQEMU access, no SMS set, and it MUST come with access to the email account on the EQEMU account. I will not even consider an account that does not come with email access. Don't care if stripped or geared but prefer an account with no previous RMT. PM me with details.

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