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Items Live (normal server) Handful of Chase Loot for Sale

Discussion in 'EverQuest Items & Misc' started by EQLEWTS, Dec 4, 2018.

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    Dec 4, 2018
    Refund Policy:
    None, simply dont click trade

    Price does not include pickup / server transfer - Items are located on Bristlebane. Send a PM to purchase

    Shattered Blade 4kr
    Bloodlaced Dagger 5kr
    Taka, Slayer of Dragons 8kr
    Staff of the Shai'din 5kr
    Golden Soldier's Belt **Slow belt** 10kr
    Guardian's Pauldron 5kr
    Soldier's Golden Ring 2kr
    Minstrel's Golden Ring 2kr
    Swift Pauldron 4kr
    Golden Rogue's Crescent 2kr
    Petrified Egg 3kr
    Collector's Hierloom Necklace 4kr
    Ring of the Gypsy 2kr
    Weaver's Pauldron 3kr
    Skycleaver 8kr
    Symbol of the Dragon's Scale 4kr
    Golden Sage's Earring ***EM 24 earring*** 20kr
    Rogue's Golden Ring 2kr
    Mage's Golden Hoop 2kr
    Golden Soldier's Neck Guard 4kr
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    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018