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Service Firiona Vie FV Power leveling Best prices and service! (1 Viewer)


Jan 22, 2020
Rating - 100%
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All services done on FV.

I've successfully been selling accounts (over 100 sold with perfect FB in the last 6 months) and it's time to add power leveling services as well! I'll do it cheaper, and in some cases faster as well. Go look up my account sales post here to see some customer testimonials on top of my FB.

I try to avoid hourly rates, but if that's a real preference I can do it at $2 per hour with a minimum of $10 or 1 krono.

I accept payment in the form of Paypal FNF, Krono (1 per $10), or platinum (5m per $10 currently), Cash App, and many types of Crypto.

Here is the basic info:

85-110 only $30.00 1-1.5 days
85-110 with max aa only $80.00 7 days
85-115 only $50.00 5-7 days
85-115 with max aa only $100.00 2-4 weeks

1100 AA only $10.00 1-1.5 days (time depends on toon level on current # of AA)
Refund Policy
🛎️ If for some reason I'm unable to complete the services, I'll give a full refund
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Feb 4, 2021
Rating - 100%
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Excellent service, used him a couple of times.
Amazing customer service.
Responds very quickly to all my questions, even the stupid ones! (freakishly fast!)
And has amazing prices.

I plan to continue to use his services in the future.


Caveat Emptor this trader is not verified.
Jun 28, 2018
Rating - 100%
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Ninjapickle did an amazing job leveling my shaman this weekend. Did 85-115 super fast and even threw in a bonus with a ton of aa's. Would recommend and definitely use again. Great service.

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