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Guide EverQuest Account Buyer's Guide


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Oct 15, 2004
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EverQuest Account Buyer's Guide

If you're new to buying EverQuest goods, welcome! We're happy to have you. If you run across something you don't understand, or have a tip for new EverQuest traders, please reply here.

Before you make your first trade, please read the Safe Trading Guide to avoid bans and scams.

  • Secret Question / Answer:
    The secret question and answer (SQA) on an account cannot be reset. This is a potential vulnerability, as others could use this information to take your account. The safest accounts will not have a SQA set, the next best situation is to know the SQA.
  • SMS:
    SMS is a type of account protection based on a mobile phone number, which can be reset with access to or cooperation from the currently listed number. The original number can sometimes help with account recovery. The safest accounts will not have SMS set, the next best situation is to know the original # used on the account.
  • Email:
    The "Verified Email" on an account can be reset. The original email can sometimes help with account recovery. The safest accounts will either have un-verified email (allowing you to set the first verified email) or give you full access to the original email account. The next best situation is to know the original email used on the account.
  • Credit card & Billing:
    This is currently the most important factor in account security. When attempting account recovery, you'll be asked for the last 4 digits and billing address of the original and/or previous credit card. The safest accounts will have never used a credit card, the next best situation is to know the last 4 & billing of each card used.

  • WTB - "Want to buy"
  • WTS - "Want to sell"
  • WTT - "Want to trade"
  • TLP - "Time Locked Progression", a server that unlocks expansion packs over time.
  • PM - "private message" or at EC Tunnel, "start conversation"
  • F&F - friends & family, a type of payment you can send in PayPal that cannot be reversed.
  • SQA - "Secret Question / Answer"
  • PL - "Powerlevel"
  • LOL - "Lots of love"

EverQuest Trading Tips:
  • If using parcel, be sure to screenshot the NPC confirming the trade "Sending X Krono to PersonY" for your records.
  • Because GMs from Project1999 and increasingly Daybreak will do their best to find users they dislike in-game, consider using Feedback Privacy and following our in-game privacy tips.

Trade with Verified users, read the Safe Trading Guide, and stay vigilant!

Any other EQ specific tips? Please reply!
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Apr 14, 2014
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I saw someone posted a scam alert on a user yesterday. I can't stress enough that only making large purchases with verified users is important.

Also, be sure accounts do not have SMS two-factor authentication turned on after purchase, and be sure to turn on SMS authentication yourself after securing the account.