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Accounts Thornblade epic'd 60 ranger EQ+aim3 clean accnt (1 Viewer)


Oct 10, 2016
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as the title states i have a 60 ranger with both epics 52 aa combat fury 3 / endless quiver / weapon mastery of the scout 3 ( aim 3 ) / fury of magic 2 / destructive fury 2 / innate camo / (2x - unspent ) this char does not have any 40 slot bags but has 5x 10 slot 100% reduc bags
gear includes:
ears: dragon blood earring / earring of endless speed
chest: tunic of the void (clicky hp buff + cold / MR buff)
arms: Spirit wracked cord (+10 atk +2hp regen!)
waist: belt of the dwarf slaying(+10ATK +2hp regen)
bracers: Tribal Bracelet of Unity /// Camii's bracer of vigor
legs: Legplates of the guardian ( 3 hp regen)
gloves: sanguine Gloves (+15 ATK)
rings: ruby ring of the darkglow///band of disrupted auras
boots: Shadow foodpads (41% haste)
shoulders: barbed dragonscale pauldrons
back: Net of the deep sea ( Enduring breath)
neck: gorget of superiority
face: mask of resilience (+10atk +2 hp regen)
head: helm of grim blessings (+3 mana regen)
range: Prismatic bow (procs avatar)
primary: Earthcaller ( epic 1.0 procs slow )
secondary Swiftwind (+30 atk)
Fleeting Quiver
other misc items include:
50x Misty Thicket Picnics
50x Kaladim Constitutional
Guise of the deceiver ( dark elf prenerf illusion
20x Elixir of Greater Concentrations
20x distillate of spirituality VI
20x distillate of clarity VI
20x distillate of alacrity VI
20x distillate of celestial healing VI
tolan's darkwood vambraces( clicky dot )
runed scout's breastplate ( clicky call of earth )
selo speed horse
other misc weapons:
blade of falling stars (procs 620 DD)
Norge`tal (procs 6 second stun)
ancient prismatic staff ( procs avatar )
war bow of rallos zek
wind saber
fire DD arrows
cold DD arrows
magic DD arrows
currently 7/10 on VT shards does have rift+orb
no secret question ///no verified email// no phone number // no credit card
currently open to offers either krono //// paypal friends and family
Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ all trades are final


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