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Eld3r's Rizlona Services (1 Viewer)

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Jun 25, 2015
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Buyer Requirements
📌 Payment via paypal friends and family or middleman service, will provide 30% of middleman fee while buyer pays 70%.
Offering my services on Rizlona for assistance from Power leveling to MQ's

PM with anything you want a price quote on

Offering Power Leveling 1-60 you login yourself or I can create a new account and level it up. Prices depends on xp bonuses, potions and time frame you want it done.

Also offering assistance in clearing epic bosses or raid content.

Currently I have several accounts leveled to 60 and ready for a new home.

None of the accounts have sms/cc/sq&a. Email is verified and supply what email is but not give ownership. The only owner of these accounts is myself.


Mage epic x2 almost ready for Sale! Inquire if interested must get 4 pieces on your own to MQ can talk in PM's

Cleric Epic almost ready! If interested PM!


Wizard - Level 60 most Kunark spells planar geared visible slots ----- Asking 155$ obo
Refund Policy
🛎️ If banned with 2weeks of deal or service preformed 100% refund
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