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Accounts Mangler Cheap Mangler Starting Accounts (level 37+) UPDATED

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts' started by Drognir, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Drognir

    Drognir Well-Known Member
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    Feb 22, 2006
    Yes, I'm the original creator.
    No email address has ever been verified on the account.
    No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
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    Refunds accepted if not as described and acct info hasn't been updated.

    Hello! I've got a whole slew of Mangler starter accounts for sale. Each account was created and leveled by me and was logged in using a unique VPN on a physical computer.

    The int casters, for the most part, have their evocation skill pretty well maxed, but assume all other skills will need to be leveled.

    The characters also do not have spells, but 500pp will be included with each character to help get you started.

    The following characters are available for $45 each:

    38 High Elf Wizard
    38 High Elf Wizard
    38 High Elf Magician
    38 Iksar Monk (Female) SOLD
    38 Iksar Monk SOLD
    38 Iksar Monk SOLD

    37 High Elf Wizard
    37 High Elf Wizard
    38 High Elf Cleric SOLD
    38 Wood Elf Druid SOLD

    38 Wood Elf Bard
    39 High Elf Mage
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