Accounts Firiona Vie Cheap geared 110 charicter group. 9 charicters for the price of only a few that others go for.

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Firiona Vie


Dec 1, 2017
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I have some great toons I am selling. I need to get away from the game, as work is taking to much time. They are all level 110 and have the latest expansion. All will have at least full conflag gear, or better. It will be listed. Paypal friends and family only. I have lowered prices to sell. If they are listed they are still for sale.
PRICES LISTED IF YOU BUY INDIVIDUALLY. or I will SELL THEM ALL FOR $550 that price is firm. These prices are amazing. I have sold alot of accounts on here before, and have a great rating. ONly selling cause I don't have time to play anymore. Getting older is a bitch.

110 Shadow Knight . 43183 AA in 8/8 Battle worn gear. and other t2 non vis. buffed he is about 290k hp over 6600AC. has lots of clickies, and illusions. $149

110 Shaman 24314 AA in 8/8 Battle Worn gear with other t2 non vis $99

110 Ranger 40043 AA in mix gear between t2 weapons and bows, mix of battle worn and weeping, a few conflag. $99

110 zerker 11447 AA in all conflag gear $65

110 Cleric 20839AA in all conflag gear $70

110 Chanter 15686 AA in all conflag gear $70

110 Mage 31670 AA in all conflag gear except a rare Enhance minion earring XXIII $85

110 Warrior 25673 AA in 7/8 Weeping and rest conflag $85

110 Rogue / 109 Necro Rogue has 19625 AA in all conflag gear. necro just died a few times to get back to 110 and has roughly 15k AA $90