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WTB Mangler Buying Clean Mangler account (any) 65. Paying up to $150 - Last Day Buying - (1 Viewer)


May 12, 2019
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Evening or morning folks.
I am looking to grab a toon that you are discarding. Paying up to $150 if the account is really good (200+ AA etc) type of account.
I have a few restrictions that must be on the account for me to buy it.

Last day im buying extra accounts at this time!

>>>>> You MUST be verified with Ectunnel. <<<<<

You must be OG Owner.
I must get OG email.
No Name ever put into account.
Account must be krono only. No CC
The SQ/A needs to be open, if it is set than I am not interested.

I need to be able to take full owner of account. If you cannot meet this then please move on.

Now what I am looking for is 1 or 2 accounts. Depending on class AA gear Flag etc.
Some classes I am not 100% interested in but won't say no for the right price.
PM me with what you have, you can copy and paste below in a PM. Add any details or notes to the account.
If I have to put a Ranking on any class, I would say Wizard, Enchanter, Ranger and Monk would make me an instant buyer.

AA - (spent and unspent):
Gear Range (bazaar mostly or no drop or mix):
Station Cash:
Time left account:
Asking Price:
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