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Items Live (normal server) BRISTLEBANE SERVER: WTS ToV and ToL Raid Nugget/Ores and Full Raid Chest (1 Viewer)

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Nov 6, 2021
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Buyer Requirements
📌 Verified/Premium accounts only or have at least 10 postitive feedback. Seller reserves right to decline services. Accept paypal (friends and family only), zelle, or krono/plat equivalent.
Login/Acct info required. No exceptions.
Will log toon in and loot any/all purchased items.

Can peruchase a fullTOV Raid chest available at 6 krono per chest or $65.
(chest sold as a whole, not individual pieces.)

Can purchase a full ToL Raid chest for 15 krono or $160 Via Paypal/Zelle.

Comes with the following (usually):

2 Raid nuggets
2 Visable Armor pieces
Multiple ornaments
several Rank III spells (116 through 120)
2 Non Vis pieces
At least 1 weapon, usually 2
Sometimes a chest (44 slot raid chest)

Or, can purchase Raid Nugget/Ores:
6 Krono each or $65 via Paypal/Zelle

Services only available on Bristlebane Server.

PM me for scheduling availability or questions.

TOV Raid chest available at 6 krono per chest or $65.
Refund Policy
🛎️ No refunds once looting is completed
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