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Escrow BetweenSpaces - Account & Services Security (1 Viewer)


Jul 29, 2016
Rating - 100%
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Escrow Fee
💱 5$ USD & 5% of trade value.
Insurance Terms
🦺 Up to 100$ trade protection insurance for 48 hours after successful trade.
Buyer Requirements
📌 Feedback must suggest that you are a trustworthy buyer.
Seller Requirements
📌 Verified. Feedback must suggest that you are a trustworthy seller.
Offering trade security services for both accounts and services, big or small, here on ECTunnel.

All conversations must be handled on this website to ensure authenticity.
Details of the transaction agreement must be specified in plain and clear english within our conversations on this website.
I am willing to hold items, or accounts.

I am willing to middle-man US dollars only with Paypal Friends and Family.
If I am responsible for holding dollars, I must personally confirm that the account or services trade was successful before I release the funds, otherwise they will be subject to a refund to the original sender.

About Me: I've been doing both large and small trades, accounts, services and raid sales for many years on EverQuest and misc. other MMOs. I primarily do personal trading on the Ragefire server since Dec. 2017
I will add another quick and easy way here on ECTunnel to remain safe and secure in your trades.

- BetweenSpaces
Refund Policy
🛎️ I will refund the escrow fee directly to the user it was sent from, If the trade is determined unsuccessful.
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