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Aug 29, 2020
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Yes, I'm the original creator.
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Just me!
📧 I will tell buyer the original email address
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Selling my main account on Everquest as my career has taken over.

115 SK. Max aa. CoV pre-ordered. Lot's of prior collection xpacs (would have to ask to check on certain ones) Pretty darn near max'd out on everything, however small list of things I was working on which I will include to still get better!

Max tradeskills (340ish on tailoring and smithing otherwise all 350) Artisans prize maxed.
4/4 TBL chase items (still working on leveling gloves others are fully evolved)
Epic of course, anguish bp etc. Tower of rot insta debuff clicky for pulling. Horn of unity/diplo papers, jeweled skull of null, all sorts of different zone ports.
Too many 30+ 40+ slot bags to count, bank is overflowing lol
Gear is all ToV T3+ besides chase items which came out in TBL of course. While this toon is on FV it does only have a few pieces of raid gear, since it's all been a cakewalk to get it done as it is. It's FV so can always buy it if you want it lol
Best type 5 augs. All jasper/dex besides the EoK nathsar diamond (+80 heroics raidcheev type5)

Every collection achievement/scavenger completed.
Every hunter achievement completed from HoT to current besides TBL (one thing he needs to workon)
Has pretty much all raid flags to buy raid gear from previous xpacs, does have a little bit of currency for them depending on xpac
All hero missions done from HoT to current (was working on underfoot ones)
Working on last quest for ToV ear. Has raid piece to fully evolve once thats done.
Tons of different illusions/mounts/raid ornaments from achievements, collectors xpacs etc.
114 pally, 100 warrior (raid geared from selos transferred to FV) Couple nice characters on Rizlona/Ragefire on account also.

Will attach some pics to show some, if you have any questions about any certain things let me know.

I know I'm not verified, and it is a nice account so willing to share details/phone number to text or talk with individual to answer any questions for serious buyers.

edit; will take 350.
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