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Accounts Live (normal server) Alpines Amazing Autumn Auction!!! - Prices Reduced (1 Viewer)


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Dec 22, 2015
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Buyer Requirements
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115 Necromancer
35.6K AA

Partial ToV Raid Geared (R)

Ear Summoner's Velium Threaded Earring
Head Snowbound Soulslayer Cap
Face Mask of the Lost Dancer
Ear Velium Threaded Earring of Brilliance
Neck Frozen Tear Necklace
Shoulder Spaulders of Vindication (R)
Arms Ice Woven Soulslayer Sleeves (R)
Back Hunter's Cloak (R)
Wrist Ice Woven Soulslayer Wristguard (R)
Wrist Ice Woven Soulslayer Wristguard (R)
Range Tantor's Eye (R)
Hands Ice Woven Soulslayer Gloves (R)
Finger Frosted Ring of Thurgadin
Finger Radiant Diamond Ring
Chest Ice Woven Soulslayer Robe (R)
Pants Ice Woven Soulslayer Pants (R)
Feet Ice Woven Soulslayer Sandals (R)
Belt Braided Belt of Dragonshide (R)
Primary Tusk of Frost (R)
Secondary Guardian's Buckler

Account also has:
115 Druid
113 Ranger (on Rathe)
92 Wiz (on Rathe)
85 Shaman (on Rathe)



115 Beastlord
Max AA

Full CoV T3 (unless otherwise noted)
Drop of Klandicar's Blood EM 29 Pet Ear (Raid)
Hoarfrost Gloves



115 Wizard
Max AA

Full CoV T3 Gear



115 Beastlord
27K AA

Ear Tiny Medicine Pouch
Head Snowbound Dragonbrood Cowl
Face Face of the Drillmaster
Ear Shivery Earring of Summoning
Neck Frozen Tear Necklace
Shoulder Icicle Drape
Arms Snowbound Dragonbrood Armwraps
Back Frozen Shard Cape
Wrist Snowbound Dragonbrood Wristguard
Wrist Snowbound Dragonbrood Wristguard
Range Spy's Gem of Stealth
Hands Snowbound Dragonbrood Gloves
Finger Frosted Ring of Thurgadin
Finger Divine Sigil of Prexus
Chest Snowbound Dragonbrood Tunic
Legs Snowbound Dragonbrood Leggings
Feet Snowbound Dragonbrood Boots
Waist Inspector's Belt
Primary Katar of Silent Screams
Secondary Blizzent's Rod of Wintry Fever



115 Necromancer
28.4K AA


Take em all 600.00!!

All toons transferable. Currently on Bertoxxulous.

Paypal friends and family please.

Thank you for looking!
Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ N/A
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