Agnarr Agnarr: Level 60 Monk with Epic/Fungi and other good droppables $110 OBO


Sep 25, 2013
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Selling a Level 60 Iksar Monk with epic on Agnarr. The monk wasn't in any guilds. It was leveled legit without power-leveling. The monk is relatively unknown as all I did was exp groups up to 60, and the character is only 2-3 weeks old. Most skills are almost max for 1hb, 2hb and h2h, mend, FD etc. Also have the 3 best drop weight reduction bags.

Character has 3 AA.

The droppable gear is easily worth about 10-15kr. I spent 20kr gearing out the monk with krono I had from my main character. The value of the gear in Krono is probably worth more than the character if someone stripped it and sold the gear.

I can give more gear specifics via PM to verified accounts. I basically have BIS for droppable gear for a level 60 monk.

CC is set. I can provide last 4. Secret question/name/number/email never set.
Here are the notables for loot
Iron Cog Earring
Cowl of Mortality
Dragons Blood Earring
Tranquil Staff
Wrist Guard of Thunder
Treasure Hunters Satchel
Bag of Tinkerers
Hierophant's Cloak
Plus more

Please PM me for more information or offers. I will take the best offer by the end of the weekend. Looking for $85.

The character also has about 20k in SC if you wanted to buy a mount or more exp pots.
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Mar 23, 2018
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Still available?