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Accounts Aradune 65 Monk / Shaman / Ranger / Bard / SK (separate accounts) (prices Reduced) (1 Viewer)


Nov 16, 2017
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Ogre, WE, Halfing
Monk, Shaman, Ranger, Bard, SK
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United States
No, I'm not the original creator.
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๐Ÿ“ž No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
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Looking to sell several of my accounts, just not able to play as much as I would like lately with work picking up. Send a PM for more details on the accounts. Looking for FnF Paypal only.

65 Iksar Monk 567AA - SOLD

65 Epic WE Bard 200AA / 60 Druid / 60 Necro - $350 OBO SOLD

65 Epic Halfling Ranger 160AA - $275 OBO - SOLD

65 Epic Ogre Shaman 206AA - $200 OBO
Elemental Keyed (+Fennin), VT Keyed, Emp Keyed
Unbuffed HP / Mana / AC: 4846HP 5803Mana 435AC
Notable Gear: FT11, Improved Healing IV, Mana Pres IV, Ornate Chain BP (right click haste), Random Luclin raid gear.
Clickies: Epic 1.0, Silk Bridle, SoW boots, Remove Poison Ear, Remove Disease Ear
Bags: 40 slot x 2(100%WR)
Spells: All PoP spells
Max Alchemy

65 Ogre SK 150AA - $175 OBO
Fire Keyed, VT Keyed, Emp Keyed
Unbuffed HP and AC: 6731HP 635AC
Notable Gear: AHR BP, Bloodied Blade of the Berserker, 41% Haste, PoFire 1Hander / Shield / Charm of Defense, (most of epic complete), Various luclin raid gear
Clickies: Levitate clickie, jboots, AA mount
Spells: Almost every spell to 65
Bags: 40 slot (100%WR)
Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ If not as described
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