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60Druid Account, with a 60Cleric (1 Viewer)

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Jun 17, 2016
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Single Account:
Level 60 Druid & Cleric

Account Info:

-16 Years of Vet Rewards on this account, will pay off when agnarr hits PoP

- Emp SSRA Pony!!
- Druid has Epic, Cleric has not started epic at all.
- Clean record with no strikes/reports against the account
- Accounts has their own Email and Password
- Play time remaining
- CC / SQA Set Will be given at time of sale.

Character info:

60 Druid:
- 170+ AA
- Exceptional casting/defense skills
- Comes with full gear (some raid pieces) and nice focus effect pieces
- Hero's Forge unlocked
- Various Marketplace goodies
- Primal Avatar Proc Weapon
- Assortment of clickies - Immaculate Shield, Primal Essence Shield, Guise of the Deciever

60 Cleric:
- 70+ AA
- No CC/Name - SQA is set and will be given upon purchase
- Kunark / Velious Geared
- Exceptional casting/defense skills
- All spells to 60
- Mana Pres 3 Item

Asking 150$ For this account Paypal Friends & Family
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