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Accounts Mischief 60 Necro - SOLD - Fully geared, skills maxed (including bind wound), spells (1 Viewer)


Jun 4, 2020
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Female gnome necromancer (master EQ race). Has been a great character since classic and the only character I've reliably been able to solo and pull reds with in my entire 20+ year experience with Everquest. Truly a jack of all trades and the 96%+ success Feign Death along with the pre-nerf Circlet of Shadow (insta click invis) is a super powerful tool that has resulted in almost zero deaths on this character which adds an extra level of enjoyment and satisfaction with the game.

Gear: Mix of high planes gear & group gear (over 220int). Clicky levitate/underwater breathing. Pre-nerf Circlet of Shadow (instant invis). Jboots (clicky run speed). Couple of weight reduction bags

Skills: All spell skills and most combat skills (1hb) maxed (ok maybe not divination but who maxes that!). Bind Wound near max (320+ this is huge on necro, can self heal through arch lich). This is something you will not find on other accounts. Can gain health solo while using arch lich (health to mana conversion better than clairty 2)

Spells: Almost every spell, maybe missing 1 or 2 that are never used.

Extras: Have pet name scroll (you can name your pet whatever you'd like) and over 1000 DB cash (so you can buy the free mount come luclin or other items). Character is 99% into 60.999 (full exp buffer, 1 kill to 61 for POP)

Character has great rep and has been played (not PL'd) since classic. Seb key completed.

No secret question set. Original email and password provided with sale (email not verified). Account funded 100% with krono. Buyer satisfaction guaranteed.

Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ 100% if not as described
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