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Accounts Live (normal server) 4 year Vet Reward 110 Bard, 110 Shaman, 106 Rog account


Caveat Emptor this trader is not verified.
Oct 26, 2019
Rating - 100%
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bard, shaman, rogue
Yes, I'm the original creator.
I will tell buyer the original email address
No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
Credit Card
No credit card has ever been used on the account.
Secret Question/Answer
Yes, and I can supply the answer.
3 year vet Rewards

Gear =
1-EoK T2 - RoS T2 ( have gear for RoS T2 just needs made )
2- EoK Raid Wep
Augs =
1- ( All Int Augs from TDS-RoF )

Progression =
1-TDS Done
2-Broken Mirror 80% Done
3-EoK Done
4- RoS 80% Done
5- Has all augs and important clickies from Anniversaries

1- Fearstone Gargoyle
2- Gingerbreadman
3- Scarecrow

1 x 40 slot
rest are 10+

Rog 106

AA= 13,800

Gear =
1-EoK T2 - RoS T2 ( have gear for RoS T2 just needs made )
2- EoK Raid Weapons
Augs =
1- ( All Augs from TDS-RoF )

Progression =
2-Broken Mirror 50% Done
3-EoK 50% Done
4- RoS 50% Done

Shaman 110
AA= 13,376
Gear = Full Conflag
1- Plus extra augs/gear that i didnt want to rot
was just a buff bot for my triple box team. Just kept gear current, spells current, and made sure he had his aa for buffing and survivability

88 Shadow Knight
HoT T4 Gear
Used this guy for damage shield power leveling to 75..

$350.00 USD... This is all one account it is 350 for everything you see here
Accept Paypal Friends and Family
Server (EQ)
Refund Policy
N/A after transactions complete
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