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Accounts Rizlona 24 Level 75 Accounts all with 2.0 and Demiplane/Anguish gear 1000+ AA (7 accounts left! price reduced!)


Oct 6, 2017
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I am selling my crew on Rizlona, some important details below! I will do significant discounts for anyone buying 5 or more accounts (25% or more depending on how many)

1) All of the below chars are Demiplane and below flagged for everything with their 2.0s.
2) All of the below chars had max AA in DoDh + many hundred spent (all of them have over 1k aa earned).
3) All of the below chars also has all DoN progression AA fully maxed out and DoDh progression and spells completed also
4) I am the original owner for all accounts, most have only been paid via krono.


75 Warrior (300 USD) - 2.0 + BBoB, Demiplane/Anguish gear buffs out to 22k hp/1450ac 1300+ aa 3 x 40 slot bags, mount buff, has all his clicky AA from Omens/DoDh era and very high tradekills (250+ tinker, blacksmith, tailor, jc .. ect with mods)
This account also has a 110 Warrior on luclin and up to the latest live xpac

75 Paladin (150 USD) - 2.0 + Eulogy/MPG shield 20k hp buffed 1300 ac, 32 slot bag, fully flagged through demiplane
3x 75 Wizards (50 USD ea., one sold) - 2.0 on all, 14-15k mana pools, all demiplane flagged
75 Beastlord (75 USD) - 2.0 + ZT 1hb (Runic Bloodstained Maul), both weapons have 2dmg aug, 1200 aa, demiplane and back flagged
4x 75 Monks (100 USD ea., three sold) - 2.0 on all with 2 dmg augs on both weapons, 16-17k hp, 1x OMM hammer, 2x flayed handwraps, 1x ZT mace, demiplane flagged
4x 75 Clerics (100 USD ea., all sold) - 2.0 on all, Mana pools range from 16k to 15k, all demiplane flagged
4x 75 Bards (100 USD ea., two sold) - 2.0 on all, demiplane/anguish weapons, flagged through demiplane , all right around 15k+ hp, 2 dmg augs on all weps
75 Rogue (100 USD) - 2.0, 2 dmg augs on both weps, OH is OMM hammer, 1278 AA, 16k hp buffed, demiplane flagged
75 Shaman (100 USD) - 2.0, 16k hp, 1191 aa, demiplane and back flagged, has the latest xpac and a 110 chanter on luclin
75 Enchanter (100 USD) - 2.0, 14.5k hp, 1250 aa, demiplane and back flagged
75 Ranger (100 USD) - 2.0 & NBB both with dmg augs, 16.5k hp buffed, 1168 aa, demiplane and back flagged
75 Druid (75 USD) - 2.0, 14.5k mana buffed, 1177 aa, demiplane and back flagged
75 Magician (75 USD) - 2.0, 13.5k mana buffed, 1138 aa, demiplane and back flagged
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