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Accounts Live (normal server) 125 SK / Bard / Ranger / Mage. Get em before they're gone!!!! (2 Viewers)


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Dec 22, 2015
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Greetings Norathians! Hope all is going well and you're staying cool this this summer! Well here's a few HOT deals to warm things up!

Feel free to come in and look around. If you see something you like feel free to shoot me a message. I have raidloot files on all toons if you want to dig deeper. If I don't get back to you right away, don't fret. I'm a night shifter so I may be sleeping.

Have a great Day!!


125 Shadowknight (Xegony)
82.1K AA (Max)
4460 DB Cash

Mostly LS T1 Raid Geared (couple NoS raid slots awaiting upgrades)
LS T2 Raid 2 hander

Janns Veil
Epic 2.0

300.00 Paypal Friends and Family


125 Bard (Xegony)
57.6K AA /570 Merc AA

NoS Raid Geared
Epic 2.0

Drunkards Stein / Janns Veil / Veil of Flames
Lost Wayfarer's Tent Trophy / Golden Helm of Rallos Zek

200.00 Paypal Friends and Family



125 Ranger1 (Xegony)

72.2K AA (Max) / 115 Merc AA

1350+ DB Cash

NoS/ ToL Raid geared
Epic 2.0
LS T1 Bow

Aged Eclipsed Assaulter's Cloak of the Selenelion
Drunkards Stein / Janns Veil
Spirit Drinkers Coating / Unified Phoenix Feather
Jayruks Vest / Bow of the Destroyer / Striped Bager Whistle

250.00 Paypal Friends and Family



125 Magician (Xegony)

67.9K AA / 476 Merc AA
870 DB Cash

NoS Raid Geared
EM 31 Pet Earring
Aged Eclipsed Convoker's Cloak of the Selenelion

Drunkards Stein / Spirit Drinkers Coating
Unified Phoenix Feather / Valia's Unyielding Bravery

11 Bags w/ 40 slots or more

250.00 Paypal Friends and Family

All toons are transferrable at your expense.

Thanks for looking and stay cool out there!!
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