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Accounts Live (normal server) 110s $60 or 6 Krono + Naked 110s $45 + other deals/items + custom accounts (1 Viewer)


Apr 29, 2019
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Buyer Requirements
๐Ÿ“Œ PayPal F&F

FTP level 110s with no credit card used, no SMS phone number set, no email has been verified and no secret question set.

Have the following classes for sale that are all level 110 and naked without spells/skills (doesn't take long to max key skills). All are $45 each, pm for details.
  • Bard
  • Shaman
  • Ranger
  • Necro (female)
  • Cleric
If I don't have the class/race you want I can create custom characters in around 10-12 days, just pm with requests. $45 naked and unskilled, $60 full TOV T1 and some skills maxed. (Please bear in mind that they will only be transferable after 30 days since creation)

I currently have the following accounts for sale for a PayPal Friend & Family payment of $60 or 6 Krono per character. All are either totally or geared in TOV T1 or have 1/2 Conflagrant items.

All characters will have their 101-110 spells/discs. Casting skills will be maxed or near-maxed for casters and melee will have current weapon skill maxed or near-maxed plus other key skills.

  • Wizard (TOV T1 armor other than Conflagrant charm and ring)
  • Wizard (TOV T1 armor other than Conflagrant charm and ring)
  • Druid (TOV T1 armor other than Conflagrant charm and ROS T2 ring)
  • Enchanter (TOV T1 armor other than Conflagrant charm and ring)
  • Monk (TOV T1 armor other than Conflagrant ring)
  • Rogue (Female - TOV T1 armor)
  • Mage (TOV T1 armor other than Conflagrant ring)
My other listed items
Ice Encrusted
More to come soon
Refund Policy
๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ No refund after password or any account details have been changed
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