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Accounts Aradune 100% hand leveld NO CC used!!!!!!!!!!!! WTS 50 GEARED Mage W/33 Bard Price droppage! (will take krono) (1 Viewer)


Mar 24, 2013
Rating - 100%
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Yes, I'm the original creator.
Total Past Users
Just me!
I will tell buyer the original email address
No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
Credit Card
No credit card has ever been used on the account.
Secret Question/Answer
Yes, and I can supply the answer.
Buyer Requirements
Pay Pal FnF ONLY
50 Mage is very geared!
He is Human for min/max lameness LOL
Has 200 Int!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a human means way better gear then all the Helf and erudites with 200-225 int out there

Has Robe/Helm/Sleeves from the Planes (best pieces)
Started on Sky but nothing yet
So that this mean is he is planes ready!
SO save time and money by not paying $500 for a ton or $175 and having to spend 10 Kr gearing him up!!

Many KR worth of gear on him so he is no slouch!
Has Skills maxed and max Earth and Water Pet
WITH Completed Shovel and Stein to beef them up!

This is MY OWN hand leveled toon. No one knows the info, no one knows the Email.
And 2 100% weight reduction 40 sloters!!!.
Even has some Exp pots on him LOL
And 85% res coins!!
Account still has time on it.

This account is 100% safe and i stand by that full refund if anything goes wrong.

$175 or 17 krono
Refund Policy
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