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Accounts Firiona Vie 👌 110 SK, 110 Sham and 110 Bard Tri-box for sale - 3 accounts, package deal only. 9 krono for all. Ready to work holy-trinity! ✔ (1 Viewer)

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Feb 18, 2020
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Shadowknight, Shaman, Bard.
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Hello. I leveled these characters with specific intentions and no longer have the drive or need to follow through with it.
The classic, time-tested holy trinity; a 110 SK, a 110 Shaman and a 110 bard. (On Firiona Vie)
- The SK has Epic 1.5 and is about 3/4 through getting his 2.0.
- All three have All spells and tomes.
- All three are geared with 8/8 Snowsquall (Aside from the shaman, which has 6/8 Snowsquall and 2 other pieces that are very close in stats). All non-vis items are from Baz and are on the same level as Snowsquall for level 110.
- These are all FTP/silver accounts. No CC ever used, no SQA set.

Will not separate the three.
You are buying 3 accounts ready to roll and do with as you wish.

Asking 9* krono for the trio.

DM with any inquiries or questions. Thank you.

(the stats in the images attached are unbuffed stats. Also, these have never had a gold membership, so there are no auto-granted AA's yet. Once you do subscribe with them, stats will go up drastically.)
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  • SK Stats good.PNG
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