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Aug 14, 2021
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Selling a bard that I've leveled manually so skills are maxed or very near max including Lockpicking, Safe fall, Sneak, Alcohol Tolerance, Hide, Beg, Track, Forage, Sense traps, and Disarm traps.

Armor: It has Skyshrine gear (bp, legs, arms, gloves, boots), Hobart's war helmet, full velious JC resist set, wrist x 2, rings, mask, necklace, seahorse scaled cloak, green, red, white, and blue resistance stone.
Weapons: Symphonic saber (great for keeping threat low while using melody for 3-4 songs) and the Completed Epic (clicky weapon: Breath of harmony for bonus grp healing aka 5th song!)
Instruments: Drums of the beast, McVaxin horn of war, a flute of the sacred glade, lyendlln's lute, and lute of the howler for the buff
Clickies: Singing steel bracer, arms, and helm, Wand of imperceptibility (tradeable Self Shrink), Tri-plated golden hackle hammer (Arch shielding solid MR/HP/AC)

Has all the songs from velious including Ancient Lcea's Lament, Occlusion of Sound, and even the new dropped only L52 overhaste (Battlecry of the Vah Shir).

ST keyed / VP keyed and 4 bottles of adventure II for your AA's if you choose to use them.
Account good until 11/18/2021

I'd like the account to be played by someone with love for bards and their talents.

Price for this fully stacked bard 32 kr or $320 via friends and family on PayPal.

Feel free to PM me an offer if you'd like. I am respectful and reasonable to all offers and I will always reply with either a Yes and info or a simple No but thank you.
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πŸ›ŽοΈ None once account info given
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